• Residential Board of Directors
    Spire Midtown’s Residential Board of Directors leads and operates in collaboration with three committees and a property management firm to promote opportunities for communication, resident involvement and utilization of expertise. In representing Spire Midtown, the Residential Board of Directors draws inspiration from its mission:

    Our landmark building stands on a foundation of safety, integrity, livability and value, and the unmistakable glow that so brilliantly rises from Spire.Midtown. is the light of our residents and staff who foster a friendly diverse community that we are proud to call home.

    Spire.Midtown … a most extraordinary place.
  • Livability Committee
    The Livability Committee focuses on the “soft touches” in Spire Midtown – the added extras that make life for residents and their guests more enjoyable. The committee hosts discussions that pertain to amenities, decorations and communication of the information and materials that promote a well informed community.
  • Architectural Controls Committee
    The Architectural Controls Committee focuses on opportunities to sustain and enhance Spire Midtown’s identity as a premier property in Atlanta through an organized approach to structural integrity. The committee engages initiatives that address physical modifications to the building, unit alterations, technological features and areas of compliance policies.
  • Social Committee
    The Social Committee focuses on opportunities for residents of Spire Midtown to interact and establish relationships with each other as well as with the Midtown and greater Atlanta communities. The committee organizes and facilitates participation through planned social events, coordinated outings, inter- and intra-condominium communication efforts and community service.